Saturday, January 19, 2008

Final Script...

Today we had an Instant Challenge Workshop meeting at the school from 1:00 until 3:00 p.m. in the school cafeteria. It was called the Instant Challenge Olympics. Each group was given a challenge and only had a specific amount of time to complete each task. These tasks were performance-based and task-based and overall the groups did well. Our group decided that they needed to work more as a united team and believed that this is one area for future improvement.

Erin brought the finished script today. At our meeting tomorrow, each member is going to bring any useful items that they may use to complete their play, and then PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!

Here is the final script:

Scene 1

Narrator (Erin): In a place called Montgomery, Alabama there was a boy named Martin Luther King Jr. He had a friend that was white. Martin Luther King knocked on Billy's door.

Martin Luther (Alex): Can Billy play?

(Ruby): No he cannot play. As a matter of fact, he can not play ever again. I am sorry!

Narrator (Erin): Martin went home and cried. He asked his mother what she meant. She told him about segregation.

Scene 2:

Narrator (Erin): A few years later, a girl named Rosa Parks had to get up from her seat and walked home. That night, Martin Luther King had a dream and the angel said to him...

Angel: Tell Rosa that the bus she was on was a time machine. The next day, Martin told Rosa, and she went back in time.

Rosa Parks
(Coretta): AAAAHHH...(then she went on the bus)

Bus Driver: Get up!!

Rosa Parks (Coretta): No!

Narrator: She was then sent to jail. Martin made a bus boycott. They won! His wife had a baby. Finally one day he had a speech.

Martin (Alex): I think we should change some laws like segregation and hate-filled whites. (everyone claps)

Narrator (Erin): Sadly he died in 1963.

End with your song


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